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1824 History, Directory and Gazeteer of the Palatine of Lancaster Hotels Inns & Taverns

The 1824 History, Directory and Gazeteer of the Palatine of Lancaster included listing of all the businesses in the towns of Lancashire including Chorley.  The following images show the recorded landlords and victuallers of the Hotels, Inns and Taverns of Chorley in that year.



  1. This seems as good a place to contact you as any, as you don't automatically make things public.

    I've been hoarding trade directories for some time, and I think you might like copies of them. Some you already have, but others will fill in a few gaps. Some places, like the Fox & Goose on Water St seem to have had more landlords than you can shake a stick at, and other pubs have extra names mentioned.
    I've extracted/transcribed most of the local entries, but will certainly have missed some: in Trade Directories.docx

    I've batched up the PDFs of the directories. They still add up to a fair size, so don't download them unless you are on unmetered internet! Directories (384,217KB) Directories (421,885KB) Directories (357,802KB)

    I hope you find them useful..

    1. Thank you very much for these Andrew...what a fantastic collection of pub information. I have to moderate comments on the blog hence why some don't always appear straightaway, but I'm happy to communicate via email if that suits better:
      I haven't got around to listing all the landlords from every directory against the pubs yet, as there's simply too many to go through all at once and other projects always come up, as I'm sure you can appreciate after your recent digitisation of the mining records.
      I do have another blog if you're interested, which covers the directory records for Chorley and whilst this won't cover all the outlying villages for every publication they really are a fantastic tool for historians and genealogists such as us. The blog is
      Thanks again,