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Horwich - Plumpton's Beerhouse

Name: Plumptons Beerhouse

Address: 10, Bottom o'th Moor, Horwich

1845 Map

The first beer house keeper at Plumptons Beerhouse or the Plumton Arms as it was also known was James Walkden; a stoker in the local bleachworks by trade he also supplemented the family income as a beer retailer. You wouldn't know this from the census records but the marriage record of his daughter Mary Ann in 1864 provides evidence of this.

1861 Census James Walkden

Marriage: 18 Sep 1864 Horwich Chapel, Horwich, Lancs.
Joseph Hope - 24 Labourer Bachelor of Horwich 
Mary Ann Walkden - 24 Spinster of Horwich 
    Groom's Father: William Hope, Farmer
    Bride's Father: James Walkden, Beerhouse Keeper
    Witness: Richard Hampson; Ann Pendlebury, (X)
    Married by Banns by: William Baker, M.A. Curate
    Register: Marriages 1854 - 1881, Page 74, Entry 148
    Source: LDS Film 2113122

Listed landlords at Plumptons were James Walkden (1861-71), Jane Abbott (1876-79), James Wright (1879-90) and Fanny Wright (1890-1901). 

1871 Census James Walkden

c.1909 Cottages at Bottom o'th Moor
1876-1877 Post Office Directory of Bolton

1881 Census James Wright

1891 Census Fanny Wright

1901 Census Fanny Wright

Stone terraced properties on Bottom o'th Moor near Plumptons Beerhouse (2018)
Rear of Plumpton's (2018)

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