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Adlington - Clayton's Arms

Name: The Clayton's Arms

Address: Market Street, Adlington

The Clayton's Arms was named after the Clayton family who were local wealthy landowners and lived at Adlington Hall.  It has been an integral part of life in Adlington since the late 1700's/early 1800's although the exact date of opening is not known to me.

Over recent years it's remained closed for a significant period until it was eventually sold and redeveloped into business use.
Gore's Liverpool General Advertiser 31 July 1823

Robert Longworth in 1823 is the earliest landlord I can find recorded although the press cutting above would suggest he had been there for a number of years before that.

Standish Directory of 1824
The directory of 1824 shown above records a J(ohn) Houlding was the landlord at that time.  Listed landlords thereafter include James Hampson (1838-41), Richard Tyrer (1851), Thomas Makinson (1861), Thomas Bowden (1870), Thomas Morris (1871), Alice Morris (1881), Elizabeth Walmsley (1891), Thomas Samuels (1901), William Taylor (1911), Robert King (1930) and Robert Winstanley (1934).
Preston Chronicle 17 February 1838

Preston Chronicle 25 May 1839

1841 Census
In 1851 when Richard Tyrer was behind the bar the road was actually called "Nightingale Road" on the census, stretching from White Bear Bridge down to the Waggon & Horses Inn. It was later referred to as Bear (or Bare) Lane and finally Market Street as it is today.

1851 Census

Preston Chronicle 03 May 1856

Detailed history of the Clayton's Arms can be found on the Adlington & District History blog link below: -

Preston Chronicle 04 February 1860

Preston Chronicle 22 December 1860

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 13 June 1863

Preston Chronicle 23 December 1865

Newcastle Journal 27 May 1870

1871 Census

Preston Chronicle 24 February 1872

1881 Census

Chorley Standard and District Advertiser 03 February 1883

Chorley Standard and District Advertiser 05 May 1883

Lancashire Evening Post 24 September 1888

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 01 March 1921

Lancashire Evening Post 13 August 1930

Lancashire Evening Post 17 October 1934

Lancashire Evening Post 10 November 1945

The Clayton's Arms c.2016

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