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Whittle-le-Woods - Crosse's Arms

Name: The Crosse's Arms

Address: Crosse's Farm, Shaw Brow, Whittle-le-Woods

The earliest reference I can find for the Crosse's Arms dates back to 1832 although I suspect the building dates back to the 1700's, originally a farm and more recently converted into business accommodation but it also operated as a beer house as well as a farmer for the majority of the 19th century.

The name, "Crosse's Arms" clearly was taken from the name of the farm that undoubtedly was owned by Thomas B Crosse who was a "landed proprietor" and local Magistrate living in the Mansion on Chorley Road (now Preston Road) in 1861, which is now widely known as Shaw Hill Golf Resort & Spar Hotel, roughly opposite Crosse Farm. A press cutting below confirms this from 1869 when the landlord William Donald was prosecuted and incarcerated for stealing hay belonging to Mr Crosse.

Listed landlords at the Crosse's Arms were John Porter (1841-61), William Donald (-1869), Ralph Brindle (1871-81), John Wignall (1891) and William Clayton (1911).

1841 Census

Preston Chronicle 09 August 1845

Bolton Chronicle 21 February 1846

1851 Census

1861 Census

1861 Census - Thomas B Crosse Landed Proprietor

Shaw Hill - built circa 1700 by the Crosse family

Preston Chronicle 08 May 1869

1871 Census

1881 Census

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 11 July 1887

1891 Census

Preston Chronicle 21 October 1893

The 1911 census confirms the farm was in the hands of William Clayton whose listed profession is a farmer...I am unaware whether or not it was still being run as a beer house at this time.
1911 Census


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