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Real Ale

Croston - Spread Eagle

Name: The Spread Eagle

Address: Grape Lane (previously known as Lord Street), Croston

The Spread Eagle was one of the earliest Inns in Croston, listed on the 1824 directory  below when a John Brown was the landlord.

Spread Eagle Croston Map 1908
Landlords that followed John Brown were Thomas Cottam (1841), John & Mary Highfield (1851-1871), Richard Blackstone (1881), Robert Heapes (1891), Peter Powell (1901) and Thomas Hill (1907-11).

1841 Census

1851 Census

Preston Chronicle 28 November 1857

1861 Census

Lancaster Gazette 17 June 1865

Preston Chronicle 17 August 1867

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census Robert Heapes

1892 Map - P.H. marks the location of the Spread Eagle

1891 Census showing former publican Richard Blackstone (now retired) 
still resident on Grape Lane

1901 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 11 December 1907

1911 Census
The Spread Eagle - now a private residence

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