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Adlington - Ridgeway Arms

Name: The Ridgeway Arms

Address: 176, Chorley Road, Adlington

The Ridgeway Arms was a pub for the best part of 200 years before closure and recent conversion to a Tesco convenience store (see bottom of page).  It is said to have derived its name from the Ridgeway family who built and owned the nearby Horwich bleach works.

Listed landlords at the premises were James Fowler (1837-48), Isaac Fairclough (1844), Thomas Morris (1848-9), Robert Weaver (1850-51),Sarah Bradley (1851-61), Isaac Mather (1865), Thomas Walton (1871), James Turner (1872-75), Mary Turner (1875-82), John Hough (1883-1902), Levi Lamb (1902-11) and Samuel Dewhurst (1929).

Further detailed history of the pub can be found on a fellow blogger's page below: -

Evening Mail 07 February 1831

Preston Chronicle 21 October 1837

Bolton Chronicle 16 February 1839

Bolton Chronicle 20 July 1839

1841 Census

Bolton Chronicle 24 August 1844

There is some confusion brought about by the press cuttings above and below, as records show that James Fowler was the landlord of the Ridgeway from 1837 (or earlier) and died in 1848 however the cutting above from 1844 confirms that Isaac Fairclough is the "host". James Fowler was previously the landlord at the Elephant & castle over the road from as early as 1824, as recorded on the Standish Directory but by the 1837 was at the Ridgeway. 

Both gentlemen appear on the 1841 Census above and neither are listed with an occupation to indicate who was running the business at the time. It may be that Isaac had a business interest in the premises but it continued to be run by James Fowler until his death, a view that is supported by the below baptism record from 1847 confirming the Isaac and wife Betty by this time were running the Joiner's Arms on Market Street, Chorley.
Baptism: 6 Apr 1847 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
Isaac Fairclough - [Child] of Isaac Fairclough & Betty
    Abode: Joiner's Arms
    Occupation: Publican
       Baptised by: Fredk. Brealey
    Register: Baptisms 1836 - 1850, Page 246, Entry 1964
    Source: LDS Film 1526077

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 08 November 1848

The Ridgeway Arms and Elephant & Castle (1849)

Preston Chronicle 09 June 1849

1851 Census

Bolton Chronicle 19 October 1850

Robert Weaver's tenure at the Ridgeway was sadly short-lived as he is recorded as insolvent only  a year after the above auction.  It is worth noting that Isaac Fairclough had clearly retained some financial interest in the pub even in 1850.

Bolton Chronicle 25 October 1851 Lancaster Insolvent Court

Isaac's death in 1858 is confirmed in his burial record below from Rivington Church: -
Burial: 18 Jul 1858 Rivington Church, Rivington, Lancashire, England
Isaac Fairclough -
    Age: 56 years
    Abode: Anderton
    Buried by: Thos. Sutcliffe
    Register: Burials 1813 - 1873, Page 152, Entry 1209
    Source: LDS Film 1408887

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 08 April 1871

1871 Census

Chorley Standard and District Advertiser 31 July 1875

Blackburn Standard 21 August 1875

Preston Chronicle 07 February 1880

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census
In 1902 records show that the landlord John Hough's daughter married Levi Lamb who later went on to run the pub.
Marriage: 10 May 1900 St Paul (Including Christ Church), Adlington, Lancashire, England
Levi Lamb - 30, Fitter, Bachelor, 169 Chorley Rd H Adlington
Mary Alice Hough - 27, Spinster, Ridgway Arms Hotel Adlington
    Groom's Father: William Lamb, Deceased, Joiner
    Bride's Father: John Hough, Publican
    Witness: Thomas Hough; Clara Lamb
    Married by Licence by: Fred Riley
    Register: Marriages 1886 -1900, Page 247, Entry 494
    Source: LDS Film 1526077

Lancashire Evening Post 05 May 1902

1911 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 12 November 1929

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette 18 March 1932

RAY, Kenneth, Crawford Inn, Crawford Village, Up Holland, Wigam, Lancashire, LICENSEE, formerly residing at The Ridgeway Arms, Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire. Court—WIG AN. No. of Matter—1 of 1982. Trustee's Name, Address and Description—Freeman, John Albert, Horsfield & Smith, 8 Manchester Road, Bury, Chartered Accountant. Date of Certificate of Appointment—30th March 1982 (London Gazette).

Tesco Express @ The Ridgeway Arms 2016

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