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Anderton - Millstone Inn

Name: The Millstone Inn

Address: Chorley Road, Anderton

The Millstone has been open since the early 1800's, the first record I can find being the 1824 directory (shown below) when Daniel Pilkington was the landlord.

Standish Directory of 1824

Daniel Pilkington came to the attention of the local courts the same year when he is alleged to have fathered a bastard in Heath Charnock.

The christening took place at Rivington and is recorded on the parish record below: -
Name Robert Jolly
Gender Male
Christening Date 20 Jun 1824
Christening Place Rivington, Lancashire, England                                       
Mother's Name Nancy Jolly

Daniel was still at the Millstone in 1841 but there was no sign of his son Robert or him having made an honest woman of Nancy.

1841 Census
Listed landlords thereafter were William Heap(e)s (1851-61), Thomas Worsley (-1869), Thomas Jones (1871), Richard Howarth (1881), Thomas Green (1891) and William Mayor (1901-16).
Bolton Chronicle 14 September 1844

1851 Census

1861 Census

Bolton Evening News 01 September 1869

1871 Census

1849 Map
The Headless Cross, just North of the Millstone is allegedly haunted as the following excerpt from Haunted Bolton by Stuart Hilton and Michelle Cardno recounts: -

1881 Census

1891 Census

Prior to his marriage landlord William MAYOR worked in the castle and rode with Lord Balcarres on Balcarres's estate in and around Haigh in England where he was born to Thomas and Elizabeth MAYOR. He married Eliza GENT, daughter of a successful tradesman from Adlington, on February 8, 1888 and had four children. 

William Mayor purchased the Millstone Hotel and Pub on Bolton Road in Anderton near Chorley...a few years later he started breeding his famous dogs at the Millstone. His specialty was Bull Terriers but he occasionally bred others.
William Mayor
1901 Census

1911 Census
William Mayor died in 1916 leaving his wife Eliza to run the Millstone.
Eliza Mayor nee Gent

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  1. My 3 times Grest Uncle was William Heaps, who was publican around 1851-61. I am just putting together information about his neice, Sarah Anne Smith who came to live with him in the mid 1850s, and went on to found The Catholic Rescue Society, becoming Mother General of the organisation for 26 years.