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Harry's Bar

Name: Harry’s Bar

Address: St George’s Street, Chorley

Harry's Bar (1990s)

Chorley Citizen 13 June 2007

Last orders rang out for the final time at Harry's Bar, home to the town's burgeoning music scene, this week. The popular bar in St George's Street, Chorley, closed on Monday after administrators who have been in control since last September, were unable to find a buyer. Harry's Bar was opened on June 6, 1985, by landlord Ivan Lynas, 47, making him the longest serving landlord in Chorley. For the last 18 months, he has hosted twice-weekly music nights, which have proved a boost for the town's up-and-coming musicians. As he locked the doors for the final time, Ivan looked back fondly on the last 22 years.
"I've been touched by the hundreds of customers who have told me what Harry's Bar meant to them over the years," he said. "People say they saw in every New Year and always watched the World Cup and other big football games here. It's a special place for many, many people." He added: "It's the live music that has kept me and the pub going over the last few months and it's particularly sad to see that come to an end."
Chorley band Elohymn has played there on several occasions and rehearse in a room above the pub. Guitarist, Chris Hope said: "The live scene here has gone from strength to strength since Ivan and Keiran Smart started Exposure. "Many of the bands now playing here met up in Harry’s Bar, I can't think of anywhere else in Chorley where bands will be given a chance to perform."

The closure will lead to redundancy for 14 mostly part-time staff. Emma Gaskell, 19, has worked at the bar for the last year. She said: "It's tragic the place is having to close. "There is nowhere else like it in Chorley and no-one like Ivan who makes sure everyone feels welcome." Ivan said he intends to take a short break to pursue his hobby of observing peregrine falcons with his wife Natasia but hopes to stay in the trade and is on the lookout for another bar. Hundreds packed into the pub on Monday night, with crowds outside spilling on to the road as a farewell party was held. The Yesteryear Pub Company Limited has been operating the bar on behalf of receivers.
Managing director, Tony Callaghan, said: "The bar has been losing money for some time, we have been unable to negotiate down the fixed costs set by third parties, and there is not enough business to go round in Chorley."

Harry's Bar - Closed and boarded up (2010)

Harry's Bar 2015 - Refurbished as Eight Flats

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