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Crossed Keys

Name: The Crossed Keys

Address: 70, Market Street, Chorley

Whilst I can find no record of the Crossed Keys on directories or census returns George Birtill confirms the existence of the beer house in his article on Chorley's pubs covered in this blog >>  George Birtill Article

The Crossed Keys (right) adjacent to the George aka Blob Shop

Looking back to the 1851 census Thomas Livesey (26 years), a Chemist & Druggist is shown living next door to the George Inn on Market Street. The link to this being the beer house is tenuous but possible.

1851 Census

Thomas Livesey Snr. died in 1842 and his probate record from later that year provides some support for the view that he was the beer house keeper of the Crossed Keys confirming he was a spirit merchant. He was just 51 years at the age of death and may well have died from suicide as suggested by Mr Birtill in his article given his young age.

Thomas Livesey Probate 14th November 1842

One year earlier Thomas Livesey in recorded on the 1841 census as a Wine Merchant, living with his family just off Market Street in Queen's Street West.  Thomas Livesey Jnr. is living on Fazackerley Street working his apprenticeship as a Chemist.

1841 Census Thomas Livesey Jnr.

1841 Census Thomas Livesey Snr.

It was said to be a watch shop after the suicide of the landlord and now houses Shoe Master, a shoe repair and key cutting shop. 

Reference to the premises being used as a watch maker's can been seen as far back as the 1861 census when occupied by a Nicholas Alker & family.

1861 Census

It appears that Nicholas used to be in partnership with another family member as the below press cutting confirms in 1857 but by 1861 was in business on his own.

Huddersfield Chronicle 19 December 1857

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