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White Bull's Head

Name: The White Bull's Head

Address: 135, Market Street, Chorley

The White Bull c.1950 with the old National School (right)

The White Bull's Head, as far as records go is the oldest public house still occupying the original building and bearing its original name left in Chorley town centre today.  First listed in 1793 the White Bull has long been a feature of Chorley town centre.

Listed landlords were R Booth (1793), James Newsome (1814), Issac Whittle (1818-24), Elizabeth Fairclough (1835-39), William Harrison (1841-51), Thomas Blackledge (1861-65), John Moss (1871), John Snape (1872), William Walmsley (1874-76), John Wells (1877-79), William Woodcock (1881), D Ratcliffe (1882), Ann Ratcliffe (1889), William Ratcliffe (1891), David Moon (1901), William Ormerod (1911), Thomas Wilkinson (1936) and Joseph Wignall (1949).

Death Notice from the Preston Chronicle 12 May 1838

1841 Census

Preston Chronicle 06 September 1845

1851 Census

Owd Bill Harrison

from "An Album of Old Chorley" by James Heyes

Preston Chronicle 03 November 1860

1861 Census

1871 Census

Preston Chronicle 05 May 1877

1881 Census

Preston Chronicle 18 February 1882

Probate 1885 Bill Harrison

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Late 1940's Joseph and Alice Wignall with their grandson Brian Highfield
who kindly provided this photograph

2017 Makeover

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