Real Ale

Real Ale

Whittle-le-Woods - Malthouse Farm

Name: The Malthouse Farm

Address: Moss Lane, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley

Photo courtesy of Gordon Small

Malthouse Farm played a vital part in the village community in the 1800's supplying valuable malt to landlords and estate owners for the brewing of beer meant the area had enough ale to drink, which in many cases was safer than water.It also provided much needed employment for farm hands who tended the land in the summer but needed work in the winter months, which was the best time to soak and swell the local malt. 

Malt houses needed a lot of ground surface area to spread out the malt as it developed, which is why the buildings are such long, thin and attractive buildings. The building is within a short distance of the old Whittle Springs Brewery that it once served.

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