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Coppull - Parker's Arms

Name: The Parker's Arms

Address: 20, Jolly Tar Lane, Coppull

Parker's Arms c.1890

The Parker's Arms was first listed as a beer house on the 1871 Census when Margaret Lilley was shown as a Beer House Keeper, her husband Robert as a Collier.  The Lilley family however had lived at the property, which was a working farm since before the 1841 Census as records below show.  It was known locally as "Owd Majors"

Whilst the beer house closed for business around the start of WW1 in 1914 it remains in situ to this day, as a residential property on Jolly Tar Lane, Coppull just a hundred yards or so from the crossroads with Coppull Moor Lane and the Waggon & Horses (now demolished - see photo below from Google Maps in 2009 prior to the demolition).

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census
The Lilley family are recorded on local parish records in 1963, Robert Lilley marrying Margaret Harrison, future beer house keeper of the Parker's Arms. From the transcript below the Lilleys were clearly still farmers at this time, with not a "sniff of ale": -

Marriage: 10 Mar 1863 Parish Church, Coppull, Lancashire, England
Robert Lilly - 23, Collier, Bachelor, Coppull
Margaret Harrison - 22, Spinster, Coppull
Groom's Father: Thomas Lilly, Farmer
Bride's Father: James Harrison, Farmer
Witness: Peter Lilly; Lucy Chamberlain
Married by Banns by: John G. Hollingworth

Listed landlords at the property were Margaret Lilley (1871) and James Atherton (1881-1911).

1871 Census

Preston Chronicle 15 February 1873
Parish records against confirm that the Lilleys were running the Parker's Arms in 1877 although four years later it was being run by James Atherton and his family who hailed from the Blackrod/Adlinton area.

Baptism: 1 Feb 1877 Parish Church, Coppull, Lancashire, England
Robert Lilley - Son of Robert Lilley & Margaret
Abode: Coppull
Occupation: Beerseller & Collier
Baptised by: J. G. Hollingworth

1881 Census

Preston Chronicle 11 February 1882

1891 Census

Parker's Arms (left) & Waggon & Horse (back right) 2009

1901 Census

1911 Census

Parker's Arms 2009 aka No.20 Jolly Tar Lane

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