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Name: The Albion

Address: 29 Bolton Street, Chorley, Lancashire

Listed landlords at the Albion were Josiah Booth (1852), Edward Entwistle (1861), Elizabeth Entwistle (1871), James Lupton (1881-91), William & Ann Jolly (1893-), Thomas & Ann Massey (1901), William Smith (1911),  James Longton (1936) and Tom & Margaret Martin (1976 - 1986).

Reference to the Albion first appeared in the 1852 Slater’s Directory of Lancashire, the landlord being recorded as a Josiah Booth who was a local man born in Duxbury and living in nearby Gillibrand Walks at the time of the 1851 census. Inn-keeping was not the most stable trade and typically by 1861 Josiah had left the Albion and been replaced by Edward Entwistle and his wife Elizabeth who hailed from the Pendleton area. 

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 12th October 1861

1871 Census

Ten years later Edward was dead and Elizabeth was left behind running the Albion.  By 1881 the Entwistles had moved on and James Lupton and his family had moved in.  James and his wife Elizabeth were both born in East Lancashire (James in Rawtenstall) but their children Thomas and Lucy Hannah were both born in the USA in the 1850s/1860s indicating the family had sought their fortune the other side of the Atlantic before returning to the UK.  

1881 Census

1891 Census

Ten years later they were still at the Albion but by 1893 they had moved on and were replaced by William and Ann Jolly as the marriage record below confirms: -

Marriage: 20 Dec 1893 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
James Bibby - 30 Labourer Bachelor of 19 John Street
Sarah Jolly - 26 Spinster of 47 Bolton Street
Groom's Father: John Bibby, Deceased, Block - Printer
Bride's Father: William Jolly, Publican
Witness: Thomas Jolly; Mary Ellen Bibby
Married by Banns by: J. E. Jelly B. A.
Register: Marriages 1893 - 1900, Page 18, Entry 36
Source: LDS Film 1526078

The Jolly's time at the Albion was to be short lived as by 1901 they had moved to the Borough Arms further up Bolton Street. The 1901 census shows Thomas and Anne Massey had taken over the reins; both Chorley born and bred, but their stay was also to be short lived as by 1911 they had moved to the White Bear Hotel in Adlington; William Smith and his family from Cheshire had taken over by this time.

1901 Census

1911 Census
By 1936 James Longton was shown as the licensee of the Albion Hotel.  The Albion was a traditional two room pub just off the town centre, with original Victorian panels in the lounge. 

Comments from Roseanne McLaughlin (Mar 2011)
The Albion closed in 2009. It always had benches outside. There was always lots of people on the pavement and crossing between this and the Wagon and Horses further up. Next door used to be The Nat West Bank. Behind was Golden Eagle Asphalt and Standish Street had a few factories, so it was a busy local pub.

The Albion May 2015

Lancashire Evening Post 24th March 1917

Lancashire Evening Post 08 January 1955
It closed for business in 2009 but the building remains and stands empty opposite the new Asda store in Chorley (sadly, the wonderful Cherry blossom tree outside the Albion present for the last 50+ years has given way to new development).  It is owned by Livesey's Funeral Directors who occupy the property next door and hopefully in years to come it will be renovated and used for an alternative use.

The Albion 2016


  1. At one time I held the Deeds to the Albion.It was a beer house and shop.Dated 1809 (if my memory serves me correctly)The old building at the back was once a brew house .It appeared to be well established by 1809 so there may be previous history.

    1. That's really interesting and something I wasn't aware of. I was aware of the Victoria Brewery based in the brew house behind the Albion in the late 1880s together with a boot and shoe maker's shop ( but not of its previous history, which I'll delve into further. Thanks.

  2. I lived in the Albion from 1976 - 1986 with my parents Tom & Margaret Martin.

    1. Thanks Lee. I didn't go into the Albion until around 1993 so long after your family left and didn't have any recent records of landlords so have added your parents to the page.