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Ring o' Bells

Name: The Ring o' Bells

Address: 12, Fleet Street, Chorley

Ring o' Bells pictures on the street corner (left)

The Ring o' Bells was a small beerhouse situated on the corner of Fleet Street and Cheapside.  The buildings were demolished years ago and whilst it did not appear on local directories census records from 1861 onward record its existence.

Cheapside- Ring o' Bells is on the right of the picture

Listed landlords were Robert Mellow (1861), William Gill (1871), his wife Mary Gill (1881) and Andrew Berry (1882). The 1891 and 1901 census records shows that 12, Fleet Street was no longer unoccupied.

1861 Census

1871 Census

Gillibrand Walks looking to the junction with Fleet Street
- the Ring o' Bells is just visible centre left

1891 Census

Fleet Street junction Cheapside 2015 shows 
the grassed area where the pub once stood.

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