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Heath Charnock - Traveller's Rest

Name: The Traveller's Rest

Address: Long Lane, Heath Charnock

The Travellers' Rest on Long Lane, Heath Charnock appeared on local maps from the mid-1850's onwards and whilst the Inn itself appears to have disappeared sometime in the 1870's the row of cottages retained the name well into the 20th century.

Along with other beer houses in Heath Charnock the short-lived life of the Travellers' Rest appears to have been due to the increase in employment in the area afforded by the development of the Rivington reservoir by the Liverpool  Corporation Water board in the mid-18th century.

1841 Census
The Jolly family were resident at the Travellers' Rest from before the 1841 Census and remained at the property until the 1860's.  Listed lanlords were John Jolly (1855-1861), Margaret Jolly (1861-1868) and James Farnworth (1868-1871).

1851 Census
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1861 Census

1871 Census

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