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Barons Rest

Name: The Barons Rest

Address: Hallgate Lane, Astley Village, Chorley

The Barons Rest was the only pub in Astley village, located on the outskirts of Chorley behind Astley Hall. Astley Village itself was conceived in the mid to late 1970's by the then, Central Lancashire Development Corporation (CLDC) and was part of a huge development project encompassing Preston, South Ribble and Chorley.

In 2018 it closed for a period of time and underwent significant re-development before reopening in October 2018 as the Astley Village Inn.

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  1. The Barons rest, we have been told, is about to undergo a significant refurbishment (inside and outside) and will soon become a fine eatery and somewhat comprehensive drinking establishment. We are looking forward to the new village investment.