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Millstone Inn

Name: The Millstone

Address: 93, Market Street, Chorley

The Millstone has not been a pub since the mid-1800's but was recorded on the 1818 directory on Market Street and appears on both the 1841 and 1851 census; by 1861 it appears to have closed. According to the 1851 census record it was located on corner of Market Street and Halliwell Street.  The current building is pictured above, which may have been the same building, but of this, I am not certain. It is currently operating as a newsagents. 

Listed landlords were Thomas Crook (1818-24) and George Isherwood (1835-54).

1841 Census

A view down Parson's Brow to the old Millstone Inn
1851 Census

Preston Chronicle 03 June 1854

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