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King's Arms

Name: The King’s Arms

Address: 45, Bolton Street, Chorley

The King's Arms is one of Chorley's oldest Inns having first been listed in the 1793 directory and whilst no longer trading as such the building still stands and has been used as both a car showroom and currently as the Living Waters church as shown above.

Listed landlords were James Ashurst (1793), Thomas Scowcroft (1818), M Scowcroft (1822), Robert Houghton (1824-27), Charles Shaw (1835-41), Waterhouse Davenport (1849-1853), George Sumner (1861), Harriet Sumner (1865), William Brindle (1871-79), Joseph Greenwood (1882-89), George Tootell (1891), Joseph Ainscough (1901), James Edwin Finney (1911) and Thomas Carey (1914-1936).

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1841 Census

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1871 Census

1881 Census

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1901 Census

1911 Census

The King's Arms was an Oldfield Brewery house in the early 1900's as evidenced by the below advert from 1914 showing Thomas Carey as the landlord (bottom).

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