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Heath Charnock - Rawlinson Bridge Beer House

Name: Rawlinson Bridge Beer House

Address: Rawlinson Bridge, Rawlinson Lane, Heath Charnock

Row of stone terraced cottages at Rawlinson Bridge
overlooking the Leeds & Liverpool Canal
I can find only one reference to a beer house at Rawlinson Bridge dating back to the 1841 census when a John Anderton and his family are recorded at that location.  He is listed as a "Farmer, Book Keeper and Beer Seller".

1849 Map of Rawlinson Bridge
Looking at the 1849 map above there were comparatively few buildings in Rawlinson Bridge at the time and few remaining to this day.  I think it's likely that the Andertons lived in one of the terraced cottages alongside the canal, working the land and running a beer house as a side line to serve the passing canal trade. 

1841 Census

Parish records record the burial of John Anderton in 1843 and the 1851 census that followed shows the Andertons still living at Rawlinson Bridge working the farm but there is no mention of a beeer house.

Burial: 26 Apr 1843 St Katharine, Blackrod, Lancashire, England
John Anderton Age: 32 years
    Abode: Heath Charnock
    Notes: Untimely death
    Buried by: P. Browne
    Register: Burials 1839 - 1853, Page 226, Entry 1806
    Source: LDS Film 2148001

1851 Census

Preston Chronicle 04 April 1857

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