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Brindle - Farmers' Arms

Name: The Farmers' Arms

Address: Top o' th' Lane (Denham Lane),Brindle

The Farmers' Arms was an ale house in the row of cottages at Top o’th’ Lane; after the Second World War it was owned by Messrs. Matthew Brown & Co. of Blackburn, serving their ‘Lion’ ale. 

The earliest census record was in 1881 and listed landlords were Francis Fowler (1881), Adam Rostron (1891),  Richard Owen (1901) and Margaret Ann Owen (1911).

1881 Census

Preston Chronicle 22 June 1889

Preston Herald 25 June 1890

1891 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 13 November 1895

Top o'th' Lane 2016

Lancashire Evening Post 15 May 1896

1901 Census

The above photo is courtesy of Lancashire Lantern  and dates back to 1905 showing Top o'th' Lane Farm on left. Cottages originally built for quarry workers on right one of which was the Farmers' Arms. Tyson House in the distance. The workhouse was up a stony lane (now footpath to Holt Lane) opposite Tyson House.

1911 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 17 August 1931

The Farmers' must have closed in the latter half of the 20th century and its exact location within the row is not known to me so I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a more detailed knowledge of the area and could assist in pinning it down.


  1. Nice entry, interesting. Slight correction needed ... the photo is of no. 18 Top o' th' Lane (our house) which was a hand loom weavers house. The Farmers Arms is (was) next door but one - no. 16. There's been quite a bit of alterations/granny flats etc. since it closed as a beer house and the numbering on the terrace has seen some alterations, probably causing the confusion. More info. if needed

  2. Many thanks for pointing that out Bernard, it was something of a dilemma as to which property the beer house was so I appreciate your local knowledge. Apologies, I'd not spotted your post earlier hence the delayed response.