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Derby Arms

Name: The Derby Arms

Address: 211 Eaves Lane, Chorley

The Derby Arms dates back to the early 1800's with landlords listed as William Thompson (1835), Elizabeth Thompson (1841), Thomas Brindle (1851), William Taylor (1861-82), Jonathan Marsden (1889), Hannah Marsden (1891), William Henry Marsden (1901-1911) and William H Nicholls (1936).

William Thompson married Elizabeth Baxendell on 5th October 1823 at St Laurence, Chorley and they were to become the first recorded landlords of the Derby Arms. Originally a printer (Lancashire OPC) he was listed in the 1835 directory as a brewer of beer on Eaves Lane. He was to die a few years later at the young age of 40 and was buried on 19th October 1838 at St Laurence leaving Elizabeth to run the business alone.

1841 Census

The early landlords Thomas Brindle and William Taylor brewed their own beer on the premises, as was often the case before the larger breweries started to take over many of the pubs.

1851 Census

In the 1861 census below the pub was simply referred to as the "Eaves Lane Beer House".

1861 Census

The Inn is recorded as the Derby Arms on the 1881 census but was known as "Luck's All" ten years before, William Taylor's presence confirming this was the same pub.

November 2017

1871 Census

The marriage of William Taylor's daughter in 1875 is shown below.

Marriage: 6 Feb 1875 St Laurence, Chorley, Lancashire, England
Frederick Warburton - 22 Spinner Bachelor of Chorley
Alice Jane Taylor - 22 Weaver Spinster of Chorley
Groom's Parents: John Warburton, Spinner
Bride's Parents: William Taylor, Publican
Witness: George Blackledge; Betsy Taylor
Married by Banns by: G. S. Jellicoe Off. Min.
Register: Marriages 1853 - 1879, Page 204, Entry 408
Source: LDS Film 1517687

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

The Derby Arms used to be a Wilson's Brewery (Manchester) pub shown by an etched window with 'WILSONS' and a chequerboard trademark, which is still present today.

It was also a Matthew Brown's pub serving Lion ales in the 1970's as the photos below shows on the occasion of the 1973 Chorley Carnival on Eaves Lane.

Lancashire Evening Post 06 February 1930

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