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Euxton Tavern

Name: The Euxton Tavern

Address: 17, St. Thomas' Road, Chorley

The Euxton Tavern was situated on the corner of St.Thomas' Road and Dole Lane on the opposite side of the junction from the Rose & Crown whose end wall can just be seen on the left of the picture above.  

Rear of the Euxton tavern from Dole Lane prior to demolition
It was demolished many years ago to make way for new development as the two pictures below show, one from around 1900 and other in 2015.

Euxton Tavern c.1900

Old site of the Euxton Tavern 2015

Originally known as the "Two Bulls" the tavern first appeared on census and directories in 1818 and from 1851 was shown as the Euxton Tavern.  Listed landlords were T Darbyshire (1818), William Howarth (1822-1830), Richard Hailwood (1835-39), John Sibbring (1841), Joseph Yates (1851-61), Rebecca Frearson (1865), James Draper (1871-91) and William McKennie (1901).

1851 Census
View from Dole Lane down the side of the Euxton Tavern to St Thomas' Road

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census
The Inn closed for business between 1901 and 1911 and at the time of the census it is recorded in use as a shop and office.

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