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Real Ale


Name: The Mitre Hotel

Address: 73, Weldbank Lane, Chorley

The Mitre stands on Weldbank Lane, a stone's throw from St. Gregory's R.C. Church, which helps explain its name. First appearing on local records in 1861 the listed landlords of the Mitre were Robert Walmsley (1861-72), Margaret Walmsley (1874-79), Thomas Baxendale (1879), Robert Heaps (1881-), Catherine Worthington (1889-1901), Robert Crook (1911-18) and Ralph Rainford (1936).

1861 Census

1871 Census

Preston Chronicle 16 March 1872

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 27 December 1918

The Mitre (2015) is still going strong and is pictured below as it is today.

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