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Prince Albert

Name: The Prince Albert

Address: 109, Market Street, Chorley

The Prince Albert c.1870

The Prince Albert was first listed around 1861 and was located on Market Street between its junction with Halliwell Street and Anderton Street. The photos above dates from c.1870 and shows the landlord Thomas Gillett stood on the doorstep. By 1870 Thomas Gillett (now 71 years of age) had retired and was living with his son John Gillett and his family at the Crown Hotel on Chapel Street where John was the landlord.

The buildings have changed significantly over the last 100+ years but the photo below shows where the pub was, now a split occupation between the Happy Vilage Cantonese Restaurant and a takeaway premises called Zorbu.

Happy Village and Zorbu 2012

Listed landlords at the Prince Albert were Peter Turner (1841), Michael Common (1851) and Thomas Gillett (1861). After Thomas Gillett retired and moved in with his son the Prince Albert appears to have closed for good as subsequent censuses show the property used for other retail purposes.

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

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