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Cotton Tree

Name: The Cotton Tree

Address: 162 Lyons Lane, Chorley

The Cotton Tree was first listed on the 1861 census and the recorded landlords were John Marsden (1861-76), Peter Hilton (1879), J Gillibrand (1882), Jane Houldsworth (1891), Joseph Edward Barton (1901), Albert Hargreaves (1911) and Martha Archer (1936).

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 30 November 1861

1871 Census

Chorley Standard and District Advertiser 04 September 1880

1881 Census

At the time of the 1881 census the Cotton Tree was clearly between tenants and was unoccupied. Sometime between 1881 and 1891 the street numbers changed on Lyons Lane and Cotton Tree went from being number 128 to 162.

1891 Census

A Jane Houldsworth was running the Cotton Tree in 1891.  She is listed as a widow and the barman is her son, recorded as Joseph Houldsworth.  Earlier records show Jane's maiden name to be Barton and three years later her son Joseph Barton aka Houldsworth had taken over the Inn, his marriage record is below: -

Marriage: 9 Aug 1893 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
Joseph Edward Barton - 26 Publican Bachelor of Cotton - Tree Inn 168 Lyons Lane
Mary Hannah Fielding - 21 Spinster of 3 George Street
    Groom's Father: William Barton, Deceased, Publican
    Bride's Father: Eli Fielding, Butcher
    Witness: Thomas Aleston?; Charlotte Hartley, (X)
    Married by Licence by: J. E. Jelly B. A.
    Register: Marriages 1893 - 1900, Page 9, Entry 18
    Source: LDS Film 1526078

At the time of 1901 Census Jane was living with her other son William Barton at 4 Buchanan Street, Chorley.
1901 Census
1911 Census

162 Lyons Lane 2015

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