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Court Tavern

Name: The Court Tavern

Address: 27, St Thomas' Road, Chorley

This was a busy town centre public house situated on St Thomas's Road opposite the police station and Magistrates' Court and was reportedly popular with the local constabulary. 

The Euxton Tavern (left) on the corner of Dole Lane and the Court
Tavern just in picture (far right) next to the old Flour Mill

Listed landlords at the Court Tavern were Thomas Ellison (1881), M Gillibrand (1882), James Cross (1901), John W Taylor (1901), Margaretta Taylor (1911), Charles Hebden (-1925), Frederick Taylor (1926-), James Hargreaves (1936) and Cyril Hargreaves (-1949).

1881 Census

1882 Barrett's Directory

The Court Tavern 1950s

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Chorley Guardian 1959

The Court Tavern was demolished along with the Euxton Tavern to make way for new development and on the site today stands a car park and business premises. It closed on 4th April 1971 and pictures below were taken on the last night (courtesy of Paul Topping through Chorley Then and Now).


  1. Alice Hebden married at St. Laurence's on 1 August 1925. She gave her address as 27 St. Thomas Road and her father as Charles Hebden, publican.

  2. There seems to be a change of licensee by 3 April 1926. Robert Taylor's marriage gives his address as 27 St. Thomas Road and his father as Frederick Taylor, publican.