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Black Horse (Pall Mall)

Name: The Black Horse Hotel

Address: 252 Pall Mall, Chorley, Lancashire

The Black Horse Hotel on Pall Mall is one of the oldest pubs still open in Chorley today although it has seen several closures over the last decade.  Directory and Census records show the succession of landlords from 1818 through to 1936: -
James Foster (1818-35), Thomas Hart (1835-41), Mary Moore (1841), Thomas Gudgeon (1842), Thomas Blackledge (1851-57), William Westhead (1861), Hannah Markland (1865-76), William Pendlebury (1879), George Worthington (1881-82), John Laycock (1889-90), Daniel Farnworth (1891), William Massey (1901-11) and James W Lucas (1936).

1841 Census

Preston Chronicle 29 October 1842

1851 Census

Preston Chronicle 09 November 1850

Preston Chronicle 12 April 1856

Liverpool Mercury 29 June 1857

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 29 September 1866

Preston Chronicle 21 August 1869

1871 Census

1881 Census

The Black Horse c.1970's
Marriage: 10 Sep 1890 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
John William Laycock - 26 Packer Bachelor of Black Horse Inn Pall Mall
Jane Woods - 23 Spinster of South Cottage Farm
Groom's Father: John Laycock, Publican
Bride's Father: Roger Woods, Farmer
Witness: Roger Woods; Emily Laycock; John Woods
Married by Supt. Registrar's Certificate by: J. A. Pattinson M. A.
Register: Marriages 1883 - 1893, Page 177, Entry 354
Source: LDS Film 1526078

1891 Census

The Black Horse can be seen far right of the picture - the other buildings are all now gone

1901 Census

Painting of the Black Horse

1911 Census

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