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Brindle - Bull and Butcher

Name: The Bull and Butcher

Address: Water Street, Brindle

The Bull and Butcher no longer exists today, but the above photo, courtesy of the Brindle Historical Society shows the original building and the landlords stood at the entrance.  The Inns and beer houses of Brindle served and were shaped by the local community and business, and the link below allows you to take a closer look at some of the key aspects of Brindle's history, of which the Inns were just a small part.  

It was open for business as early as 1825 (and probably long before that!) as the directory excerpt below reveals but strangely it doesn't appear on any of the census records so I suspect it was more of an ale house and running the place was not the "landlord's" primary occupation.

The only landlords I can trace are therefore George Elliott (1825) and Annie Baxendale (pre-1934).
Annie Baxendale behind the bar at the Cavendish Arms
where she was also landlady between 1934 and 1966

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