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Euxton - Ince Arms

Name: The Ince Arms

Address: Wigan Road, Euxton

Originally called the Greyhound Inn when run by the Hodgkinson family the Ince Arms, named after the wealthy landowners was renamed some time in the 1860's, a name it retained until it closed for good when referred  for compensation in 1919.

Listed landlord at the Ince Arms were John Hodgkinson (1841-51), Edward Hodgkinson (1861), John Heyes (1871-76),  John William Taylor (1879), William Sharrock (1879), James Kayley (1880), Agnes Kayley (1891), Ernest Freer (1901) and John Longworth (1911).

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

The Ince Arms is one of several Victorian pubs in Euxton that are now long forgotten; others included the Anderton Arms, Red Lion, Gray Horse and Millwright's Arms.Often drink and crime goes hand in hand, including the pubs themselves. In 1879 Thomas Holding, of Euxton Mills, and John William Taylor, of the Ince Arms, were charged under the Food and Drugs Act for serving 'Adulterated Whiskey'. An undercover inspector visited both premises and ordered half a pint of whiskey in each. He then told the owners he would be taking it away for analysis. In both cases it was found the whiskey had been watered down and was about 15% weaker than ordinary whiskey. For this both men were fined 20 shillings and costs.
A Walk Through Euxton's Criminal Past

Below is a newspaper clipping from the Chorley Guardian which provides the story of how the Ince Arms got its name.  The author has made one error though, recording the hotel's closure in 1908 when the 1911 census record shows this not to be the is an interesting read though and suggests that the pub dated back to 1769.

An Assessment for the Relief of the Poor of the Township of Euxton, Lancashire made 4th October 1880 showed the landlord as James Hayley and owner W.J. Anderton of Euxton Hall.

1881 Census

Ince Arms c.1900's with its apparent white frontage,
pictured right of centre opposite the Euxton Mills

1891 Census

The Rate for Special Expenses Assessment made 13th October 1897 on the Township of Euxton, Lancashire showed the landlord as John William Lees with the owner still being W.A.J. Anderton.

1901 Census
An Assessment for the Poor Rate for the Township of Euxton made 18th October 1910 showed the landlord as John Longworth and owner as Major W J Anderton.

1911 Census

As the press clipping below reveals, the Ince Arms licence was not renewed by the Licensing Magistrates in 1919 and the premises were referred for compensation due to their closure. 

Lancashire Evening Post 04 March 1919

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