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Temperance Hotel

Name: The Temperance Hotel

Address: 28, Chapel Street, Chorley

The Temperance Movement began in the early 1800's and I have found one example of its existence in Chorley.  In 1881, No.28 Chapel Street was the home of Mary Ann Cramps, which she ran as a Temperance Hotel.  Sadly (for Mary) it doesn't appear to have been terribly popular in the town and by 1891 she was no longer listed at the address; a Harry Chester Wilcocks, teacher of music and local preacher was now in residence. Greenhalgh's bakery now occupies 28, Chapel Street.

1881 Census

However, a local press article below confirms that there was an Albany Temperance Hotel in Chapel Street in 1900, although exactly where this was located is not known at this point.

Lancashire Evening Post 31 May 1900

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