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Mawdesley - Robin Hood Inn

Name: The Robin Hood Inn

Address: Bluestone Lane, Mawdesley

The Robin Hood Inn lies at the junction of Bluestone Lane, Tannersmith Lane, Tincklers Lane (previously Robin Hood Lane) and Sidebrook Lane (previously Croston Road (1841) and now known as Sydbrook Lane) on the eastern edge of Mawdesley.  A recent Enterprise Inn's advert for the Inn states it is a 15th century pub & restaurant but I can only find reference back to the early 1800's at this time.

Listed landlords at the Inn were Hugh Swift (1841), Richard Eccles (1851), James Marsden (1853-71), Thomas Bentham (1870's-1882), Thomas Bentham (1882-89), Nicholas Taylor (1889-1915), Thomas Bentham (1915-1932) and Thomas Bentham (1932-).
1841 Census

1851 Census

When James Marsden married in 1853 at St Peter's church he was roughly 46 years old and was already a Landlord, probably at the Robin Hood.

Marriage: 10 Jul 1853 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancashire, England
James Marsden - (X), full age, Landlord, Bachelor, Mawdesley
Ellen Hunter - (X), full age, Spinster, Mawdesley
    Groom's Father: James Marsden, Farmer
    Bride's Father: Robert Hunter, Farmer
    Witness: William Hunter; Alice Monk, (X)
    Married by Licence by: Martin Twiss Incumbent
    Register: Marriages 1843 - 1919, Page 26, Entry 52
    Source: LDS Film 1526409

1861 Census

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

Burial: 4 Aug 1915 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancashire, England
Nicholas Taylor - 
    Age: 74 years
    Abode: Bispham
    Buried by: W. Pritchard Lord
    Register: Burials 1841 - 1925, Page 168, Entry 1337
    Source: LDS Film1849640

Lancashire Evening Post 09 February 1933

Sketch drawing by James Anderton

Lancashire Evening Post 06 July 1945


  1. The Robin Hood was owned by my great great great grandfather Thomas Bentham (b1820) from the late 1870s. His main occupation like most of Mawdesley's residents, was basketmaking. Following the death of his wife in 1882, he took the Farmer's Arms at Heskin, and passed the Robin Hood to my great great grandfather, also Thomas Bentham (b1857). He moved into Grape Lane to make baskets full time in 1889. It's unclear whether the pub was sold or rented to Nicholas Taylor, because following his death, it was being run by my great great uncle, also Thomas Bentham (b1880). Following his death in 1932, the Robin Hood passed to his cousin, a FOURTH Thomas Bentham (b1886), son of the James Bentham who was successively landlord of the Clyde Arms, Black Bull and Red Lion.

    1. What a great piece of family history...there weren't many pubs the Benthams didn't run at one time or another by the looks of things. Thanks Andrew.