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Whittle-le-Woods - Navigation Inn

Name: The Navigation Inn

Address: Johnson's Hillock, Whittle-le-Woods

The Navigation Inn closed many years ago and is now a private residence but its history dates back to the early 1800's when it stood alongside the Lancaster canal leading into Whittle-le-Woods, a short distance away from Johnson's Hillock. 

The first barges came through Whittle in 1803 and soon after that businesses started to spring up around the canal.  The canal was eventually filled in and what remains of this section ends on the other side of the road from the Navigation.

Whittle Springs - the spur to the left is the Lancaster Canal opened in 1803
 and the Navigation is about a third of a mile along.

List landlords of the Navigation were Robert Moss (1841-1851), James Waring (1861), Mary Charnock (1871), William Livesey (1881-91), John Livesey (1896), James Jackson (1901) and John Francis Moats (1911).

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Johnson's Hillock

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