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Wheelton - Rose Bud Inn

Name: The Rose Bud Inn

Address: Old Mill Race, Water Gate, Wheelton

The Rose Bud Inn no longer exists today but was one of the most isolated Inns in the Chorley area, serving the farming communities of Wheelton and Heapey near to Brinscall Brook.  It was located on the "road" halfway between Wheelton House Farm off Old Mill Race and the Railway Hotel and also overlooked the railway line.

Lancashire Evening Post 01 June 1921 Rose Bud Inn Wheelton

The first reference to the Inn appears on the 1881 census and the listed landlords included James Bond (1881), George Elton (1891), Henry Barlow (1901), John Duxbury (1911), Richard Blackledge (1921) and Sidney Desoer (1939).

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1845 Map

1911 Census
1927 Map

Lancashire Evening Post 28 July 1939 Rose Bud Inn
The Rose Bud Inn was demolished around 1939 when the ROF site was built at Wheelton. 

From Facebook Post by Peter Desoer

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