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Real Ale

Royal Oak Tap

Name: The Royal Oak Tap

Address: 17, Market Street, Chorley

The Royal Oak Tap was in the same building as the Royal Oak Hotel
located in the rear yard on the High Street side.

Rear yard of the old Royal Oak

Unlike many "Taps" the Royal Oak Tap does not appear to have been used as a beer house, rather it was the home of the cab proprietor who was linked to the post office business; also referred to as Ostlers earlier in the 19th century their role was as a groom or stableman who job was to look after the horses usually at Inns such as the Royal Oak. Census records alternate between the Tap being in the rear yard of the Royal Oak and being on High Street.

Listed occupants were John Shephard (1841), Thomas Casson (1861), George Barnes (1871), John Greatorex (1881-91) and George Hill (1901-11).

1841 John Shephard

1861 Thomas Casson

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

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