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Adlington - Bee Hive Inn

Name: The Bee Hive Inn
Address: Common End, Adlington Common, Adlington

The Bee Hive Inn was the home of the Ince family in the early 1800's and was located at Common End at the most southerly end of Adlington a short distance from Adlington Hall.

In 1841 Henry Ince and his wife Catherine along with their six children lived at the property and Henry's occupation was recorded as a "Wharfinger"; one who owns or keeps a wharf, for the purpose of receiving and shipping merchandise to or from it, for hire.  He would have worked on the canal to the east of the property and probably was employed by Henrietta Clayton and her husband General Robert Browne Clayton who resided in Adlington Hall at that time.
1841 Census

By the 1851 census Henry was widowed, working as an agricultural labourer and living with his sons James and Henry who were both colliers.

1851 Census
1861 was the first time the house recorded as being a beer house.  Henry was 74 years of age and recorded as being, "Beer Seller Bee Hive Inn". James and Henry were still residing there and elder brother John had also returned home.

1861 Census
Henry died in 1864 aged 77 years; his burial record is shown below: -
Burial: 30 Mar 1864 St Wilfrid, Standish, Lancashire, England
Henry Ince -
    Abode: Rivington
    Notes: [No age given]
    Buried by: R. H. Whitworth, Curate
    Register: Burials 1856 - 1878, Page 125, Entry 41
    Source: LDS Film 1526141

1871 Census

Henry Ince Jnr. was still running the Bee Hive in 1871 but after that time there is no further trace of the beer house although the Inces continued to reside at Common End until the later part of the 20th century.

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