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Duke of York

Name: The Duke of York

Address: 124, Bolton Street, Chorley

The Duke of York is one of the oldest pubs in Chorley and dates back to 1782, although the current building is not the original as it was rebuilt in 1924 evidenced by the two date stones set in the front wall behind the main pub sign (thanks to Glynn Holt for this information).  
1782 Datestone

1924 Datestone

Records for the pub date back at least as far as 1818 with the landlords listed as John Walmsley (1818-24), William Allanson (1828), Joseph Brimiley Jnr (1835-39), Isabella Gillibrand (1841), Henry Grime (1848), Elizabeth Southworth (1851), John Miller (1861-76), Richard Miller (1879-1901), Thomas Bamber (1911) and Arthur Pressler (1936).

1841 Census

Preston Chronicle 02 September 1848

1851 Census

1861 Census

Marriage: 31 Mar 1869 St Laurence, Chorley, Lancashire, England
Thomas Holt - 22 Surveyor Bachelor of Chorley
Martha Miller - 20 Spinster of Bolton St. Chorley
Groom's Parents: Thomas Holt, (deceased), Gentleman
Bride's Parents: John Miller, Publican
Witness: John Miller; Elizabeth Miller
Married by Certificate by: Alfred Schofield Curate
Register: Marriages 1853 - 1879, Page 147, Entry 294
Source: LDS Film 1517687

1871 Census

Marriage: 10 Jul 1873 St George, Chorley, Lancs.
James Bamber - 20 Dyer Bachelor of Moor Road Chorley
Charlotte Miller - 19 Spinster of Bolton St Chorley
Groom's Father: James Bamber, Dyer
Bride's Father: John Miller, Inn Keeper
Witness: John Edw. Bamber; Margaret Jackson
Married by Superintendant Registrar's Certificate by: D. E. Herbert
Notes: [Publicans Daughter crossed out in Brides Occupation]
Register: Marriages 1865 - 1873, Page 241, Entry 481
Source: LDS Film 1526078

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census


  1. If you look underthe main pub sign, you will see 2 date stones one belonging To the original Duke of York!

  2. Thanks for the info Glynn; I'll take a closer look next time I'm going past.