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Eagle & Child

Name: The Eagle & Child Hotel

Address: 18-20, Pall Mall, Chorley

The Eagle & Child c.1950s
The Eagle and Child was demolished earlier this century having been empty for a number of years and fallen victim to vandalism, disrepair and fire, but this was once a vibrant town centre hotel that went back to the 1850s.

Listed landlords were Thomas Banks (1861), James Morrison (1862-71), Joseph Greenwood (1872-79), James Ollerton (1881-91), Ann Seed (1901-11), and Sarah A Lyon (1936).

Preston Chronicle 20 March 1858
Like many of Chorley's Inns during the 19th century the Eagle and Child also served as a venue for Coroner's inquests as the clipping above evidences. 

1861 Census

Preston Chronicle 11 June 1862

1871 Census

A mid 1950s photo of Pall Mall; there was a street called Back Pall Mall,
the name and entrance to it was along side the gable end of the Eagle & Child Pub

1881 Census

James Ollerton's Eagle & Child c.1890

Marriage: 1 Dec 1890 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
Nathan Atherton - 22 Butcher Bachelor of 111 Market Street
Jane Elizabeth Ollerton - 20 Milliner Spinster of 20 Pall Mall
Groom's Father: James Atherton, Horse Dealer?
Bride's Father: James Ollerton, Publican
Witness: Thos Edward Atherton; Elizabeth Hannah Ollerton, (X)
Married by Banns by: J. E. Jelly
Notes: [Ch' J. E. J. same time in left margin]
Register: Marriages 1883 - 1893, Page 184, Entry 367
Source: LDS Film 1526078

1890 was a busy year for the Ollerton family at the eagle & Child as both publican James and his daughter Jane married in December.

Marriage: 18 Dec 1890 St George, Chorley, Lancashire, England
James Ollerton - (X), Full Age Publican Widower of The Eagle Hotel Chorley
Eliza Rostron - Full Age Widow of 2 Bedford Street
Groom's Father: William Ollerton, Deceased, Labourer
Bride's Father: Benjamin Holland, Deceased, Manager
Witness: Richard Charnock; Jane Charnock
Married by Licence by: J. E. Jelly B. A.
Register: Marriages 1883 - 1893, Page 185, Entry 369
Source: LDS Film 1526078

1891 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 26 December 1900

1901 Census

1911 Census

Looking up Pall Mall from the Big Lamp

Elmwood House (2018) built on the site of the Eagle & Child

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