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Coppull - Wheatsheaf Hotel

Name: The Wheatsheaf Hotel

Address: 1, Westerton Court, Spendmore Lane, Coppull

The Wheatheaf c.1880

The Wheatsheaf has been open for business in Coppull since the 1700's although the current building is not the original as pictured above. The original tenants were the Glover family who also ran one of the largest farms in the village, Blainscough Hall.

Reference is made to the pub's history on in the excerpt below: -

In 1830 Coppull was a rather unimportant agricultural area of a few cottages, houses and farms, and a small chapel to the east. A Mr. Yates lived at Ellison's Tenement (Station Farm) which was surrounded by a few cottages, then no buildings until Roe Hey Farm, the Wheatsheaf cottages by the Wheatsheaf pub and Clayton Gate Farm at the top of Birkacre. Birkacre (the field where the birch trees grow) had a bleaching and cloth printing works.
The Printers Arms was then a shop, used by the handloom weavers who worked at Millstone Platt. The Horse and Waggon was in Church Fold across from the church. A few farms and cottages were scattered along Coppull Moor Lane and Preston Road. The Oak Tree Hotel was open, but the Springfield pub was then a farm.

About 800 people lived here, most of whom could neither read nor write. After 1850 Coppull began to grow rapidly, many new rows of houses were built to become the homes of coal miners and factory workers. There were many collieries and deep shafts were sunk for the John Pit, Springfield Pit, Blainscough, Hic Bibi, Darlingtons, Ellerbeck, Birkacre and Pearsons mines. Mineral lines carried coal tubs to the main railway.

Listed landlord from census, press and directory records were Thomas Dolphin, Thomas Glover (1841-51), William Glover (1861-71), John Halton (1881), Robert Markland (1891-93), Charles Glover (1901-11) and Nick Webster (2011).

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Coppull Parish Church burial records show that on 23rd Nov 1893 Robert Markland, licensee of the Wheatsheaf Inn was buried, aged 36 yrs. His widow Ann Markland was left to run the business and the following year she married back into the Glover family, marrying George Glover but sadly, she too died young as parish records show she was buried on 26th July 1897 at 39 years of age; at that time she had still been living at the Wheatsheaf Inn. George also died and was buried on 31st May 1899 at the Parish Church, Coppull; he was 37 years old and the Wheatsheaf Inn then passed to his younger brother Charles. 

1901 Census

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1914 outing stood outside the Wheatsheaf

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  1. Pleased to have found your interesting site when researching my Glover ancestors in Coppull (John Glover of Blainscough Hall, 1772-1848, and his wife Ellen nee Siddall, 1777-1851, were my 3g-grandparents). Thanks for all your hard work on making this informative site.