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Heskin - Farmers' Arms Inn

Name: The Farmer's Arms

Address: Wood Lane, Heskin Green, Heskin

Whilst the Farmers' Arms was originally a working farm it is first recorded not as the "Farmers' Arms" but the "Pleasant Wheat Inn", run by George Holcroft and his wife Margaret who must have taken over the farm in the late 1840's.  Prior to their arrival the 1841 Census shows Thomas Astley and his family in residence; Thomas was listed as a grocer.

Listed landlords at the Farmers' Arms were George Holcroft (1851-1861), Seth Rollins (1871-1881), Thomas Bentham (1882-91), John Lowe (1901), Charlotte Rowe (1911-19), William Frith (1933) and Fred Astin (1937).

1841 Census

The wedding of George and Margaret in 1846 at St Mary the Virgin in neighbouring Eccleston gives some background to the families: -

Marriage: 19 Oct 1846 St Mary the Virgin, Eccleston, Lancashire, England
George Howlcroft - 20, Collier, Bachelor, Heskin
Margaret Leach - (X), 20, Spinster, Heskin
Groom's Father: Joseph Howlcroft, Farmer
Bride's Father: John Leach, Coal Agent
Witness: John Hunter; Thomas Moon
Married by: Thomas Marshall

George's father was recorded as a Farmer while George as a young man worked down the mines.

1851 Census

1861 Census

By 1871 the Inn was known as the Farmers' Arms and was being run by Seth Rollins (or Rollings) and his wife Alice.  Like many Inn Keepers this wasn't their only source of income and the 1881 census  showed that Seth was also working as a sub-colliery manager.

1871 Census

Manchester Times 23 March 1878

1881 Census

Thomas Bentham ran the Farmers' Arms from 1882 onwards having moved from the nearby Robin Hood Inn in Mawdesley.  He was still recorded as the publican and basket maker on the 1891 census and five years later his daughter Charlotte married John Lowe, a basket maker from Mawdesley who went on to run the Inn with Charlotte in 1901.

Marriage: 13 Feb 1896 St Mary the Virgin, Eccleston, Lancashire, England

John Lowe - 31, Basket Maker, Bachelor, Mawdesley
Charlotte Bentham - 33, Spinster, Heskin
Groom's Father: Matthew Lowe, Tailor
Bride's Father: Thomas Bentham, Inn Keeper
Witness: William Hny. Bentham; Alice Anderton
Married by Licence by: H. W. Bretherton Rector

1891 Census

1901 Census

By 1911 John Lowe had passed away leaving his wife Charlotte to run the business, as well as bringing up their four children...she would have been glad of the additional help a live in servant provided.

Lancashire Evening Post 31 July 1907

1911 Census

Lancashire Evening Post 22 December 1919

Lancashire Evening Post 14 June 1933

Lancashire Evening Post 05 May 1937

The Farmers' Arms in Full Bloom!

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