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Bamber Bridge - Pear Tree Inn

Name: The Pear Tree Inn

Address: 2, Station Road, Bamber Bridge

The Pear Tree Inn was first opened in the early 1800s and is located on Station Road at the junction with School Lane, an area referred to as both "School Lane Ends" and "Holland Slack" in the 1800s.

1845 Map of School Lane Ends, the Pear Tree Inn and Cockshot House

Listed landlords at the Pear Tree Inn were Thomas Charnley (1841-45), William Marsden (1846-), Thomas Ashworth (1851-67), Ellen Ashworth (1867-69), Mary Ashworth (1869-71), William Houghton (1881), Richard Raby (1890-91), George Henry Southworth (1896-1904) and William Robert Whalley (1911-29).

1841 Census

1845 Burial of Thomas Charnley

1846 Slater's Directory - William Marsden

In 1841 Thomas Ashworth and his family were recorded as living at Cockshot Brook, close to the Pear Tree (see census below). 

1841 Census Future Landlord - Thomas Ashworth

His occupation at that time is not recorded, but in the late 1840s he took over at the Pear Tree Inn and would be landlord for the next 20+ years. 

1851 Census

1854 Mannex Directory

1861 Census

1867 Probate Thomas Ashworth

1869 Probate Ellen Ashworth

1871 Census

Photo courtesy of Gordon Small

1881 Census

Police Court, this morning, before J. Eccles, H. Calvert, and H. Dewhurst, Esqrs.
Richard Raby, landlord of the Pear Tree Inn, Bamber Bridge, was summoned for permitting gaming on his premises.
02 January 1891 - Lancashire Evening Post - Preston, Lancashire, England

1891 Census

(five minutes’ walk from Bam her Station), SATURDAY June 13th.
Pear Tree Inn,  Bamber Bridge. The landlord will add entrance...
G W SOUTHWORTH. Proprietor. Steamer
12 June 1896 - Lancashire Evening Post - Preston, Lancashire, England

1901 Census

Baptism: 13 Dec 1903 St Aidan, Bamber Bridge, Lancs.
George Henry Southworth - [Child] of Henry Southworth & Margaret
    Born: 7 Nov 1903
    Abode: Pear Tree Hotel
    Occupation: Butcher
    Baptised by: P. A. Lillie
    Register: Baptisms 1895 - 1913, Page 23, Entry 182
    Source: Original Register at Lancashire Archives

1909 Map

1911 Census

1917 Barratt's Directory

1929 Probate William Whalley


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