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Crooke - Duncan Arms

Name: The Duncan Arms

Address: 99, Crooke Road, Crooke, Shevington

The Duncan Arms was built in the late 1860s and became the second pub in Crooke along with the Crooke Hall Inn.  It was built on land owned by an "A Duncan Esquire" which led to the Inn's name.  Although not confirmed 100% the owner appears to have been a wealthy shipping merchant called Andrew Duncan who lived in Liverpool as can be seen by the census records below. Andrew was the son of James Duncan Esquire from Leith who was a Timber Merchant.

1845 Map of Crooke

1851 Census Andrew Duncan

1871 Census Andrew Duncan

1868 Plans for the Duncan Arms
Listed landlords at the Duncan Arms were Peter Edwards (1871), Abraham Cartmel (1881-89), Richard Fairhurst (1891), Henry Fairhurst (1901), William Grimes (1905), Thomas William Pinder (1911-) and Isaac Beech (1924). 

1871 Census

1881 Census
1889 Plans for a Bowling Green

1890 Map of Crooke showing the Duncan Arms Pub and Crooke Hall Inn

Following Abraham's death in 1889 his widow Margaret remained living in the village a few houses along from the Duncan Arms and had opened a grocer's shop. Interestingly she was living in one of two houses called "Cartmel's Houses", which I assume the family owned and she remained in the village at least until 1911.

1891 Census Margaret Cartmel

1891 Census

1901 Census

1905 Directory

1911 Census

1924 Directory - Isaac Beech

Duncan House c.2017

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