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Horwich - Crown Hotel

Name: The Crown Hotel

Address: 1, Chorley New Road, Horwich

The Original Crown Inn c.1880

Built in 1796 the Crown Hotel is one of the oldest landmarks in Horwich although today's Crown was not the original building having been rebuilt in 1886.

1825 Directory


1828 Pigot's Directory


1834 Pigot's Directory

1836 Poll Book for Horwich

Listed landlord were Mrs Entwistle (1809-12), Thomas Beddows (1825-36), William Beddows (1834-51), Mary Beddows (1851), Mary Scholes (1854-555), James Ratcliffe (1856), Robert Lee (1861-62), John Burgess (1862-66), Thomas Hart (1864), William Holt (1868-70), William Henry Cheetham (1870), John Longworth (1871), John Foster (1871-72), Robert Lee (1876), James Waddington (1876-77), Swithin Dickinson (1877), John Darbyshire (1881-82), Jane Darbyshire (1882), Thomas Greenwood (-1886), Joseph Moore (1886-91), James Briggs (1892-1906), Frank Paterson (1911), Mr Edmund Hayton (1921-24) and Beverley Parker (2011).

1841 Census William Beddows

1848 Slater's Directory

1845 Map

1851 Census Mary Beddows - Retired Innkeeper

07 January 1854 - Bolton Chronicle
Charge Permitting Drunkenness in a Public House —On Thursday, at the County Sessions room, Miss Mary Scholes, of the Crown Inn, Horwich, was summoned on a charge of wilfully and knowingly permitting drunkenness and other disorderly conduct on her premises. 

 1854 Mannex Directory


1855 Slater's Directory

1861 Census Robert Lee - Butcher and Innkeeper

29 March 1862 - Bolton Chronicle 
On Monday, the Bench provisionally transferred the following licences until the annual licensing day, namely — The Crown, Horwich, from Robert Lee (now a beerseller, living opposite) to John Burgess, blacksmith of Sharples...

It is clear from the above press extract that Robert Lee only stayed a short while at the Crown and then moved across the road to the Toll Bar Inn where his family remained until 1890.

17 March 1866 - Wigan Observer and District Advertiser
Assaulting a Married Woman — At the county sessions room, Little Bolton, on Monday, Mr. John Burgess, owner of the Crown Inn, Horwich, was summoned for having assaulted Lucy Pass, wife of James Pass, mechanic, also residing at Horwich.

The above court appearance may have spelled the end of John Burgess's reign at the Crown as shorty afterwards William Holt was behind the bar...

16 August 1869 - Bolton Evening News
The Ridgmont Lodge the Independent Order of Oddfellows was celebrated on Saturday afternoon, at Mr. W. Holt's, the Crown Inn, Horwich ; when 220 persons, including the members, their wives, and friends, sat down to a most excellent and well-served dinner.

1869 Slater's Directory

11 November 1870 - Wigan Observer and District Advertiser
The county magistrates at Bolton sat on Monday—that being the regular transfer day—for the transfer of the licence of the Crown Inn. Horwich, from William Holt to William Henry Cheetham. Mr. Dawson said the licence had been previously temporarily transferred... 

1871 Census John Longworth - Licensed Victualler

19 August 1876 - Wigan Observer and District Advertiser
..their needs, the ploughmen, to the number of 5O, sat down to a good old English fare at the house of Mr. Robert Lee, Crown Inn, Horwich. After the cloth had been removed Mr. John Dickinson, of Anderton Hall, occupied the chair... 

1877 Post Office Directory


1881 Census John Darbyshire

05 May 1886 - Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 
The license for the Crown Hotel, Horwich transferred from Thomas Greenwood to James Moore... 

1891 Census Joseph Moore

1895 Slater's Directory

1901 Census James Briggs

19 May 1904 - Bolton Evening News 
Alleged Gaming at the Crown, Horwich. Permitting gaming on licensed premises was the charge preferred against James Briggs, landlord of the Crown Hotel. Horwich, at the County Sessions, this morning, before Messrs. A. Topp. 

1905 Kelly's Directory

1907 Map

1911 Census Frank Paterson

1924 Kelly's Directory

13th March 2017 Bolton News
Civic plaque awarded to 200-year-old Horwich pub The Crown Hotel by Alex McIntyre  
A Plaque will be unveiled at a pub that has been going for more than 200 years.
The Crown Hotel in Chorley New Road, Horwich, will be presented with a Civic Plaque tomorrow. The town mayor and mayoress will unveil the award that has been awarded to mark the pub’s 231-year tenure in the town.
Cllr Jim Bullock, Horwich Town Mayor, said: “It’s one of a series of plaques which are being put up around the town.It basically records various historic buildings and The Crown has been selected because it has been here for a very long time.It has been here for many, many years. It has been redesigned since then but it is part of the history of Horwich.”
The pub is the latest addition to the existing 15 buildings that have been acknowledged with the civic award. The green display bears the town council’s coat of arms. 
The original Crown Hotel was created in 1786 and it is believed to have been a staging post on Turnpike Road. It was rebuilt in 1886 with the arrival of the Railway Works and it has been featured in the Good Beer Guide for 16 years consecutively.

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