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Horwich - Reform Club

Name: The Horwich Reform Club

Address: 5, Winter Hey Lane, Horwich

The picture postcard above shows Winter Hey Lane in the early 1900s and the club's lantern can be clearly seen above the entrance to the right of the picture. Opposite the Reform Club I believe was a side entrance to the Craven Heifer Hotel from which two people are seen exiting.

The Horwich Liberal Reform Club is located above the shops at 5 Winter Hey Lane and has been a feature in the town since the late 1800s. The excerpt from the Horwich Heritage Walk brochure below provides additional historical information...

 Gaskell’s Cotton Mill, also known as Pearl Brook Mill, once stood at the
corner of Lee Lane and Winter Hey Lane but it was burnt down in 1882.
The Market buildings (incorporating the Liberal Reform Club) were built on
part of the site in 1886.

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