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Horwich - Walker Fold Tavern

Name: Walker Fold Tavern

Address: 5, Walker Fold, Horwich

1845 Map
Walker Fold is a small hamlet to the east of Horwich on the edge of the Halliwell area and consists of about four or five buildings including Walker Fold Farm. During the second half of the 19th century a beer house was run from no.5 Walker Fold in the hamlet. The main occupation of the landlord was often as not a farmer but census records and local newspaper articles confirm its existence. 

1861 Census James Ainsworth

1871 Census James Ainsworth

Listed landlords at the tavern were James Ainsworth (1861-71), William Lowe (1881-91), Charles Ainscow (Ainscough) (1891), Henry Dearden (1901) and Thomas Hart (1911).  

1881 Census William Lowe

1891 Census William Lowe

1901 Census Henry Dearden

1907 Map

1911 Census Thomas Hart

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