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Standish - Three Crowns Inn

Name: The Three Crowns Inn

Address: Church Street, Standish

The Three Crowns Inn first opened in the 1860's and was a beer house located in one of the old stone terraced cottages at the end of Church Street near its junction with High Street, as pictured above. 

House numberings through the census records are rather confusing and place the Inn at numbers 51 (1871), 56 (1881 & 1891) and 71 (1901 & 1911). The 1911 census provides more detail than previous census records in recording that the Inn had seven rooms whilst the terraces either side had only three so I suspect the Three Crowns was actually a large end-terraced property that has been subsequently converted into two terraced house, 71 and 71a Church Street shown immediately to the left of the shop, "Spaceframing" on the photograph above.

Listed landlords at the Three Crowns were James Simm (1868-74) and Henry Mason (1881-1911). James Simm was originally a house painter by trade and after leaving the Three Crowns sometime in the mid-1870's he moved to Wigan where he ran a pub on Poolstock Lane in Ince and then moved to Pemberton. Henry Mason remained at the Three Crowns until it was closed for good when referred for compensation in 1911 and the licence removed. The Inn was one of the many casualties of the Licensing Act 1904.

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Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 03 September 1869

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1871 Census

Preston Chronicle 15 February 1873

Henry Mason married Margaret Simm in 1873 who was James' cousin and it appears the Inn was kept in the family after James left.

Marriage: 12 May 1873 St Wilfrid, Standish, Lancashire, England
Henry Mason - Collier, Bachelor, Standish
Margaret Simm - (X), Spinster, Standish
    Groom's Father: Henry Mason, Collier
    Bride's Father: William Simm, Collier
    Witness: Thomas Finch; Elizabeth Finch
    Married by Banns by: T. J. Bensted Curate
    Notes: both full age
    Register: Marriages 1859 - 1880, Page 160, Entry 320
    Source: LDS Film 1526141

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 28 November 1874

Henry Mason was the landlord for over 30 years and was a Standish man having been born and brought up in the village.  His father (also Henry) was a coal miner and they originally lived in Engine Row on Preston Road. 

Preston Chronicle 28 November 1874

1881 Census

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1891 Census

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1901 Census

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 05 October 1901

1911 Census
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 30 May 1911

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