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Wrightington - Dicconson Arms

Name: The Dicconson Arms

Address: Appley Lane North, Appley Bridge

The Dicconson Arms lies within the Wigan Borough these days but was originally on the edge of the parish of Wrightington, hence the inclusion in my blog.  It first appeared on the 1825 directory (shown below) and remains open to this day.

1825 Directory

Listed landlords at the Inn were Jas (James) Park (1825), Richard Wilson (1841), John Jones (1851), Thomas Monk (1861-71), Edward Gorton (1881-1912) and Richard Gorton (1912-38).

1841 Census

1845 Map

Recorded on the map as "Dangerous Corner Inn" it is unclear this was ever its correct name, as the census and directory records confirm it was always known as the Dicconson's Arms so this may have just been guesswork on the part of the cartographer.

1851 Census

1861 Census
1869 Directory of Wrightington: -

Jones James, Rigby Arms
Knowles Thomas, farmer
Lythgoe Mrs. Alice, farmer
Margison Rev. Thomas
Marsden Robert, farmer
Martland John, farmer
Mawdsley Mrs. Jane, farmer
Molyneux John, farmer
Monk Thomas, Dicconson's Arms
Morris James, shopkeeper and farmer
Morris Thomas, Esq., Fairhurst Hall
Ormsher Thomas, farmer
Orrell George, farmer
Ranicar Mrs. Mary, Appley Bridge Inn

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 22 January 1870

1871 Census

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 24 May 1872

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 08 February 1879

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 10 October 1879

The 1881 Directory below confirms Edward Gorton was running the Inn at that time.

Dickinson Henry, shopkeeper, Dangerous corner
Fogg James, shoemaker & shopkeeper, Appley Bridge
Freeman John, shopkeeper, Appley Bridge
Gorton Edward, Dicconson's Arms, Dangerous corner
Halton James, Chapel House Inn, Parbold
Haughton Peter, tailor, Appley lane
Higham Peter, Rigby's Arms, High Moor

Preston Chronicle 04 December 1880

1881 Census

As landlords for over 50 years at the Inn the Gortons probably deserve an extra mention on this blog.

Edward Gorton (1836/9 - 1912) was born in Wrightington, Lancashire, the son of Richard Gorton (1815-) a Quarryman from Wrightington and Margaret (1810-) from Dalton, Lancs. Edward had a sister Margaret (1842-) and brother Richard (1850-).

In 1851 they were living at Dalton Lane, Dalton.
Edward married Ann Mawdsley, 28th Dec 1857 in Thomas the Martyr, Upholland, Lancs and they had four children, William Gorton (1858-), Elizabeth Gorton (1860-), Margaret Ann Gorton (1862-) and Edward Gorton (1865-).

In 1861 Edward was an Agricultural Labourer; the family were at Blackburds House, Lees Lane, Dalton.
Edward's second wife was Mary Moss (nee Shackley), marrying in Sept 1869, in Wigan, Lancs. 
They had one Child -
- Richard Gorton (1870-)

In 1871 Edward was a Farm Labourer and they were living at Higher Lane, Dalton.
In 1881 Edward was now a Publican at The Dicconsons Arms Inn, Wrightington. Margaret Moss (1859-) was Edward's 22 year old unmarried step daughter, Mary's daughter from her first marriage to John Moss in Wigan in Sep 1852. Mary's maiden name was Shackley. 23 year old William was still single and worked as a general labourer. 16 year old Edward junior was a School Teacher.
In 1891 Edward & Mary were still at the Dicconson Arms, Corner Lane, Wrightington, Shevington.
In 1901 Edward & Mary remained at the Dicconson Arms, but Edward was now a Farmer & Publican with unmarried Richard working on the farm.
In 1911 Edward, now 74, & Mary, 80, were still going strongly at the pub. With Richard on the farm and now married to Alice (1875-) and an house full of an extended family ...
Edward (1836-1912) died December 1912, in Wigan, Lancs.

1891 Census

1892 Map

1901 Census

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 26 March 1904

1907 Map

Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 29 April 1904

1911 Census

1913 Probate for Edward Gorton

Lancashire Evening Post 19 August 1930

1938 Map

Pesto @ The Dicconson's Arms

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