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Crooke - Crooke Hall Inn

Name: The Crooke Hall Inn

Address: Crooke Road, Crooke, Shevington

1845 Map

1855 Deeds to the Crooke Hall Inn

1855 Plan/Plot of the Crooke Hall Inn

1871 Census

Whilst the original plans for the Inn are thought to date back to 1855 there is no trace of the Inn on the 1861 census so it as probably opened in the early 1860s. Detailed history of the village can be found on the Crooke Village website: -

Also in this year, according to the deeds dated 17th Feb 1862, the Crooke Hall Inn, was bought by a Thomas Morris for £346.16.8. It is not altogether clear if the pub had been built at this time but a subsequent deed of October 1867, indicates that the pub by then had been built. The land had been in the ownership of John and Henry Woodcock preceding the sale to Thomas Morris.

Listed landlords at the Crooke Hall Inn were Thomas Morris (1862), John Tyrer (1869-71), John Barton (1881-93), Mary Barton (1901-21), James Barton (1921-), James Southern (1924) and Dean McDonald (2017).

1869 Slater's Directory of Lancashire - John Tyrer at the Crooke Hall Inn

1881 Census

1889 Map

1890 Map
1891 Census

1901 Census

1905 Directory
1906 Map
1911 Census

1924 Directory - James Southern

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