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Real Ale

Horwich - Black Bull

Name: The Black Bull Inn

Address: 69, Church Street, Horwich


The Black Bull is one of Horwich's oldest Inns and dates back to around 1775. Situated on Church Street it played a key role in the community as an Inn, meeting place, auction house and venue for coroner's inquests throughout the 19th century and was originally built on church land making it one of the town's most important hostelries and was owned by William Longworth Esquire, an influential local land-owner.

03 December 1822 - Manchester Mercury 
Horwich Building Club ceased to exist.  Auction at Black Bull 
of property held by the Club.

1825 History Directory and Gazateer of the County Pallatine of Lancaster

Listed landlord were Mr William Makin (1800), William Pass (1810-29), Yates Bilsborrow (1836-41), Thomas Eglen (1841-48), John Scott (1848-56), Mr. Thomas Tyrer (1857-73), Joseph Hampson (1877), Andrew Hampson (1879-81), D Smith (1886), James Martin (1891-95), Betsy Martin (1901), Mathew Hamer (1901-05), Evan Jones (1911) and Dorothy Bromiley (1924).

1829 Pigot's Directory

1836 Horwich Poll Books

Bolton Chronicle - Saturday 26 May 1838 - THE REAL OLD ENGLISH GENTLEMAN - 
On Monday last, William Longworth, Esq. of Land Heaton, and his sister held their rent day, at the house of Mr. Yates Bilsborrow, Black Bull Inn, Horwich, on which occasion upwards of seventy of their tenants sat down to a plentiful and substantial supper, got up in Mr. and Mrs. Bilsborrow's usual good taste.  After supper the tenants were treated to plenty of good English ale and punch and they "tripp'd it on the light fantastic tow" until daylight.  Mr. Longworth and his sister in their accustomed and affable manner, remaining with them during the whole time and defraying the expenses, which has always been their practice on every rent day.

1841 Census Thomas Eglin
Bolton Chronicle - 19th June 1847 - Public House to Let.  Black Bull in Horwich.  Present tenant Thomas Eglin.  Applications to Mr. William Longworth of Horwich.

1848 Slater's Directory

1851 Census John Scott

1854 Directory of the Parish of Dean

1861 Census Thomas Tyrer

1869 Slater's Directory

1871 Census Thomas Tyrer

1877 Post Office Directory of Bolton
Black Bull Hotel, 8 Church St Hampson Joseph, beerseller

1881 Census Andrew Hampson


1891 Census James Martin

1895 Slater's Directory

1901 Census Betsy Martin

1905 Kelly's Directory

1911 Census Evan Jones

1924 Kelly's Directory

Bolton News 7th March 2008
Il Toro, Church Street, Horwich
by Andrew Mosley   
The Black Bull pub's reincarnation as classy Mediterranean restaurant Il Toro is just about as far away from real ale and chicken in a basket as Horwich is from Milan. Following in the footsteps of the San Marino restaurant in Belmont, the owners pride themselves on Il Toro's "elegant ambience" revealed in the fresh, bright d├ęcor, with plain white walls showcasing modern artwork from local artists, all of which can be purchased from local design store Casa Home.


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