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Horwich - Ye Jolly Crofters

Name: Ye Jolly Crofters

Address: Tup Row, Chorley Old Road, Horwich


There has been a building on the site of current Crofter's Arms since the early 1800s shown below at the junction of Chorley Old Road, Wallsuches and New Chapel Lane although the current building is not the original, which is pictured above c.1880 and was part of a row of cottages known as "Tup Row". 

The earliest beer sellers here were Henry and Elizabeth Shaw who are recorded on census records at Tup Row as early as 1841 although Henry's main occupation was shown as "collier".

1841 Census Henry Shaw Collier

1845 Map of Tup Row
Listed landlords at the pub were Henry Shaw (-1848), Elizabeth Shaw (1848-71), John Halton (1871), Richard Chester (1877-86), Alfred Chester (1886-1913) and Edward Chester (1913-1924). 

1851 Census Betty Shaw

1855 Slater's Directory - Elizabeth Shaw

1861 Census Elizabeth Shaw

Marriage: 26 Feb 1870 Horwich Chapel, Horwich, Lancs.
Thomas Shaw - 24 Collier Bachelor of Horwich 
Catherine Longworth - 28 Stitcher Spinster of Horwich 
    Groom's Father: Henry Shaw, Beerseller
    Bride's Father: Robert Longworth, Bleacher
    Witness: John Shaw; Rachel Wright
    Married by Banns by: H. J. Stephens, Curate
    Register: Marriages 1854 - 1881, Page 128, Entry 256
    Source: LDS Film 2113122

1871 Census Elizabeth Shaw

1876-77 Post Office Directory - Richard Chester

Marriage: 6 Nov 1879 Horwich Chapel, Horwich, Lancs.
John Pearson - 33 Stone Mason Bachelor of Horwich
Annie Maria Chester - 17 Spinster of Horwich
    Groom's Father: John Pearson, Stone Mason
    Bride's Father: Richard Chester, Beer Seller
    Witness: James Pearson; Elizabeth Williams, (X)
    Married by Banns by: William S.F. Maynard, Curate
    Register: Marriages 1854 - 1881, Page 229, Entry 458
    Source: LDS Film 2113122

1881 Census Richard Chester

1891 Census Alfred Chester

1892 Map

1901 Census Alfred Chester

1905 Kelly's Directory - Alfred Chester

1907 Map

1911 Census Alfred Chester

After Alfred Chester's death in 1913 his eldest son, Edward took over running the family business and did so at least until 1924 when he is listed on the directory of that year. His grandfather, Richard Chester started running the Jolly Crofter's in the early 1870s so it had remained in the same family hands for 50+ years. 

1924 Kelly's Directory - Edward Chester

1927 Map

The 1927 map above shows the Crofter's marked as B.H. (Beer House).

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