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Leyland - Crofters Arms

Name: The Crofters Arms

Address: 373, Leyland Lane, Leyland

The Crofter's Arms on Leyland Lane started out as a Beer House called the "Farington's Arms" and was opened some time in the late 1830s by brewer John Langton.

Annotated Map of the pubs in the Seven Stars Area

Listed landlords at the beer house were John Langton (1841-58), James Robinson (1861), Margaret Glover (1869-87), Edward Glover (1887-91), James Pearson (1899-1901) and William Taylor (1911-25). 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1854 Mannex Directory

1858 Slater's Directory

By the time of the 1861 census below John Langton had given up the business to a James Robinson but remained living next door working as a mason. It's entirely possible that John continued to brew the beer but the beer house itself was let out to James Robinson.

1861 Census

George Glover and his wife Margaret ran the Seven Stars Hotel, just a few doors down from the Crofter's Arms on Leyland Lane during the 1850s and early 1860s.

On Thursday last an inquest was held at the Seven Stars Inn, Leyland, on the body of George Glover, who had committed suicide by hanging himself.

26 October 1861 - Preston Chronicle

The press excerpts above and below document a turbulent year for Margaret Glover with her husband's suicide and then Baptism of their daughter Mary Ann occurring within days of one another. It is little wonder that she chose to leave the Seven Stars shortly afterwards to make a new home for herself and her children in the Crofter's Arms. 

Baptism: 28 Oct 1861 St James, Leyland, Lancashire, England
Mary Ann Glover - [Child] of George Glover & Margaret
    Abode: Leyland Lane
    Occupation: Publican
    Baptised by: R. M. Master
    Register: Baptisms 1855 - 1900, Page 16, Entry 127
Source: LDS Film 1526058

I cannot confirm the exact date Margaret Glover took over the Crofters but it is likely to have been shorty after George's death. By the time of the 1869 directory below she was listed as a "retailer of beer" confirming she was now running a beer house rather than a fully licensed public house, which the Seven Stars had been.

Slater's 1869 Directory

1871 Census

1881 Census

Saturday evening the members of the above club sat down to a first-class supper the house of Mrs. Margaret Glover, Crofters’ Arms. Leyland. After the removal of the cloth Mr. Thomas Markland took the chair. He read the report for the past season...
10 May 1884 - Preston Herald 

1891 Census

Bolton Bankruptcy Court, yesterday, before the Registrar, Mr. T. Holden, John Robinson, late of the Crofters’ Arms, Leyland, whose statement showed a deficiency of £129, came up for his first public examination.
26 March 1895 - Lancashire Evening Post 

1901 Census

 John Culshaw, wheelwright, of Brook street. Leyland was summoned for being drunk on licensed premises of the Crofters’ Arms. Leyland-lane, on November 4th.—P.C Smith said visited the house question and found defendant drunk in the vault.
16 December 1903 - Preston Herald

 The Bench granted the applications for the bowling greens at the Railway Hotel, Midge Hall, and Crofters* Arms Hotel, Leyland. It was pointed out to all licence-holders that the bowling greens were not part of the licensed premises.
13 March 1909 - Preston Herald 

1911 Census

On the Crofters’ Green, Leyland, Saturday afternoon, the return game of bowls between the Leyland and Whittle-le-Woods Operative Bleachers’ Union officials took place. Each team had 5 men...
02 September 1916 - Preston Herald

1917 Barrett's Directory

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